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Feb 11, 2007
Hi.....45 year old male, heavy exerciser ( 75 minutes) cardio a day plus weight lift 3x's a week). Around January 1, 2007 felt fluish and lower quads felt overworked,fatigued. At or about the same time ankle pain in both arches and "tingling" sensations on botom of left foot and same but to less extent on right foot. Feet also began to feel very cold both on the inside and the out, if that makes sense. To date have has ultrsound of leg veins and arteries, MRI of head and spine, complete blood work, CAT scan, only to reveal a minor herniated disc in upper left shoulder area. Going for nerve conductivity test this week. Should also mention that I herniated my 2 lowest back discs in December 05. Rather that surgury I rehabbed with PT. But left leg never the "same" after that injury. Here it is February 10 and still have fatigued feeling quads, though I am not fatigued. I still exercise. But recently noticed those fascictations on both calfs, especially when I am either cold or feeling stressed. Neurologist saw them and said can be benign Also developing tingling in some fingers and forearms, both sides. . Also have developed an eye twitch under the left eye and some on/off tingling on left side of face..He kept testing my strength and doesn't suspect ALS but some type of neuropathy. Everything I read and research doesn't mention "tingling" as a precursor to ALS nor like symtoms (pain, tingling)occuring on both sides of the body ie both hands, feet, legs. I definately know that when I"obsess " about this my symptoms get worse. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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