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ALS or MS?
Feb 28, 2007
I am a 43 year old women having different problems and thought maybe someone here could help me.

I have cognitave problems (slurred speach, difficulty finding words, using wrong word etc), trouble swallowing on liquid and choking in my sleep and while awake, foot drop (like walking with a swimming fin on my left leg), severe vertigo and dizzyness, numbness/tingling in hands/arms now no feeling in right hand - these symptoms are pretty much constant. When my left foot is probed to see reaction (the hammer thing) - there is no reaction - right foot seems to have a normal response. Fell down and experienced confusion a couple of weeks ago. The two head MRIs (without contrast) showed non-specific white matter. The ear test (ENG?) showed no relation to my ears and related to Neuro. I drop things with my hands, and have reduced strength - if I do something like massaging my hands, it feels like they've run a marathon. Arm strenght is good and able to hold things with my arms, just my hands are weak (i.e. holding a wood log with my arms I can do all day, but only moments with my hands). Fatigue is new - no matter how much I sleep, I'm exhausted. I'm scheduled for a lumbar puncture next week.

So, with these symptoms, what would you think? I've been going with possible MS - 2 doctors suggested this might be the case, however, as I haven't gotten a diagnosis yet, I'm still looking around at other possiblilities. I've been tested for all the blood work possible, common things ruled out.

My Neuro keeps saying "hmmm"...but won't really say anything.



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