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[QUOTE=ncgal07;2885004]I didn't explain a couple of things very clearly. My neck has been hurting to the point that it is difficult to turn my head. And, the pain has moved from one side of my neck to the other. Also the shooting pain that I have is in my right leg, the same one that feels extremely weak. It is also the place that I am having most of the twitches. I appreciate anyone that can offer any advice. Did anyone that has been diagnosed with ALS have similar symptoms?[/QUOTE]

first of all over 5 years of this i would think that als is not your problem i think you should see a neurologist really soon as far as the vibrating in your legs sounds like a sensory problem which in als you can not have sensory problems with it.sounds like you need a mri of your cervical spine along with an emg and ncv test which im sure would rule out als and will let you quit worring so much untill you find out what the problem is.i hope this little bit of info is helpfull.

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