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Apr 29, 2007
I am a 42 year old female in need of inofmation. I have within the last year begin to have major muscle spasms "charlie horses" and muscle twitches. They do not occur daily but when they do occur they will last any where from a couple days to a week or longer. They will occur in my clafs, in both the front and back of my thighs, in my stomach, lower jaw and arms and mainly in my right foot at the "ball" of my foot. My neck is always sore and at times feels like it takes alot of effort to hold my head up. This is constant. I can get some relief by resting my head against something, and my arms and hands always weak. The "charlie horses" are very very painful and occur with just the slightest of movements. When they occur in my thighs I find my leg give out on me. My most recent bout of muscle spasms lasted about 7 days then gradually went away. However this was the worst bout I have has so far as I was getting them severly in my calfs and thighs. During this time I was hospitalized due to fainting and the only thing that came back was that I had too many red blood cells. All of my electrolites were within normal range. None of the doctors seemed to care that my major complaint was the muscle spasms. My arms are constantly weak and the simple act of brushing my hair becomes very painful and tiring. I have noticed as of late I "choke" more often than before at times I choke just by swallowing. Needless to say I am very aggervated as none of the Dr's seemed to care about my muscle spasams so I decided to look it up here and see that the symptoms of ALS are similar to those that I am having. I do not have medical insurance so I am hoping to get ideas as if I need to actually look further into this. Any information will be most welcome.

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