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Okay. I am a 19 year old female. A couple of months ago my leg just started kind of jerking for no reason. It was only when I sat down or laid down. It didn't hurt or anything, and it was just barley visible to the eye. it was just really really annoying. I am a SEVERE hypochondriac, so I tried to ignore it, but the jerking won't go away. So I made the mistake of getting on ****** and looking up my symptoms.. SURPRISE-----> ALS. So I'm freaking out, of course. Now, my muscles kind of feel sore, and they sometimes twitch really fast like theres popcorn popping inside of them.
I don't have any problems speaking or breathing or walking or running, even though sometimes I feel kinda shaky when I walk (i think that's just because I'm nervous about having ALS!)
It isn't just at night, I don't feel bugs in my legs so to speak, and I sleep perfectly fine, even though the anxiety I am experiencing right now is keeping me away on it's own.
Please respond!
-Scared and Too Young
heyy. i know how you feel. im 17 and im going thru the same thing... it really sux doesnt it? do you have a sn so we can talk more about this??
Hi, My Dad had ALS. One thing the neurologist checked was to see if he had those "popcorn" twitches when he stuck out his tongue. As you may know, ALS is a condition that is only diagnosed after everything else is ruled out. Good luck to you.

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