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About 2 months ago I had a small amount of pain in my lower left stomach (Lower Left Quadrant). When it didn't go away I went to my doctor and ultimlately was diagnosed with IBS. I was told to return to exercise and to doing the other things I was used to. During the 2 months of worrying about the IBS, I lost about 15 pounds. 180 to 165. I am not sure whether or not that was related to being less active or what.

I still have the IBS pain, not as bad, as it was, I think I am getting used to it.

Then about a week ago I started doing just a very small amount of more exercise, riding a bike and a few other things. A few days later I had difficulty buttoning my buttons on my shirt and using a zipper. When I grip something I feel the tension in my forearm and even the tendon. Even as I type right now I can feel the forearm muscle contracting tightly. My forearms are very stiff on both sides and on both arms, particularly my dominant arm, almost like I've been in the cold or something and my hands are tight. I keep stretching them but it seems like they are not getting loose again.

Anyway should I be worried about ALS since I seem to have lost some control in my hands? Or is this simply due to being sore since I was not doing nearly as much the last 2 months or so?

No need for concern.

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