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Do I have ALS?
Sep 30, 2007

Just last night I noticed that I can't lift my big toe on my left foot as easily as I can the right. Is this a sign of ALS?

I am a 20 year old college student. I have been feeling "sick" since April, which is detailed below. I have gotten no answers as to what's wrong with me, and this is just another thing. Any help would be appareciated.

I have spent the past summer in and out of the doctor's office and hospitals. From the very beginning, the doctors thought my problems were caused by a thyroid problem or anxiety; the very first physician i saw gave me Ativan after my blood tests came back clean. Anyway, my journey through the tentative diagnoses of many doctors is documented on these message boards. I've had blood tests, MRIs, CTs, sinus endoscopies... I thought for two weeks I had a skull base bone tumor as a result of the first MRI, ordered by my physician to "ease my mind". Eventually, after a new MRI and a CT, my neurosurgeon diagnosed me with fibrous dysplasia of the skull base, which is a weakening of the bone. Not necessarily good, but he said that it couldn't be causing my symptoms. I have been prescribed medications for anxiety, depression, allergies, sinus infection, etc... I can give a full list if needed.

My symptoms are:

- Feeling of pressure in head, bridge of nose sometimes and top of head
- Yawning
- Dazed feeling
- Muscle twitches (myoclonus? limb jerks) and fasciculations
- Extreme fatigue, especially in neck area
- Occasional lump feeling in throat/neck
- Hard to define symptom... things look odd to me, as if my vision is altered in some way... my eyes were fine when i got an eye exam
- General malaise, feeling there's something wrong with me
- Anxiety/depression relating, I assume, to having had these symptoms for so long

These symptoms seem to come and go, but usually at least one is present at any given time. I am currently taking Wellbutrin SR twice daily, as well as occasionally Klonopin since it seems to make me feel better.


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