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My toes have continued to twitch and I'm pretty sure they're fasciculations, the whole toe moves for a split second. It's not really got any worse and I can't feel any weakness or atrophy, but I think that my mind is playing tricks on me because I'm so worried. I think it's making me feel some symptoms of weakness and twitching and now every twitch I feel I suspect ALS. How could I tell if I had weakness or atrophy in my toes? Especially when both feet have the same condition. Does ALS actually start in two limbs at the same time? Especially in the legs which I've read is an unusual presentation. Still no arm symptoms so I'm beginning to think that it might be something else. It's been about two weeks now since my first twitch, which is a little worrying considering that it hasn't gone away, but it hasn't got worse either.

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