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Someone PLEASE help.I cant get a neuro appt. for several days,but need some advice!!!I am a 27 year old female.3 years agoI started having a sort of numb deeling in two of my toes,now the top of that foot when rubbed,tingles,and my whole leg has a strange sensation sometimes.I am very prone to twitches,thumb,eye,legs,an now have ALOT in my legs,especially in the one with problems.My REAL concern is over the past month I have had alot of twitching around my face,and a week ago woke up to my tonue twitching!!It has yet to stop,and getting worse.The night before it started,I felt as though I has some slurred speech but that went away.I can move my tongue around just fine,although,it feels like it pulling when I talk.I can see the twitching in the mirror,it does it all day!I have had no physical changes to it.I cant stop thinking about it all day every day because when I googled my symptoms,nothing but ALS came up.Are these common symptoms with the bulbar type,and what else could cause this to be consistant?Also,I have had nno chewing or swallowing probs.
Please,please someone respond!!:(
Hi Mandy! First of all try not to panic! ok! Twitching happens for many different reasons. The most common reason is benign muscle fasiculations. I was just at the neurologist for this very thing. I have been have twitching going on for almost a year now. It comes and goes. Some days are worse than others. I get them in my face, eyelids, arms legs, stomach, feet.. you name it! Don't panic. Just get your doctor visit scheduled and have your doctor do all the neccessary tests to rule everything else out. I am still going through the testing. Once everything is ruled out, it is benign and most likely STRESS related or a nagging condition you just have to live with. My panicking made them worse. Take a deep will be ok! Let us know how you are ok!:)
Thanks for the response!!I am even more scared now,because today I saw teeth marks on both sides of my tongue,its not just a little either,isnt that atrophy?My twitch in my tongue has now also moved to the middle.It is pretty much constant and getting worse.Still no problems moving it,although it does have sort of a pulled feeling.This has been going on for 9 days now,and I am terrified.I have a 2 and 3 year old,they need me!My twitching has also been worse in my feet,legs,and face...Could this be anythig besides ALS??
Please respond!!!
Hi again Mandy, are you feeling like you are weak or losing strength muscle wise?? I have been told that is something you would notice first if it was ALS. Please try not to think the worst. You may very well be stressing yourself out and biting your tongue. It would be pretty rare for you to get ALS. Not that many people get that each year. God is looking out for you. He knows you have two little ones. Just make that appointment. I still think you could be stressing. It will only magnify the symptoms. Try to relax. I know how you feel. I do the same thing. It is horrible to live in fear. Try to take deep breaths and think positive thoughts. Get an appointment to relieve your mind.:)
Hi Mandy! Hang in there sweetie! You will be ok. It doesn't mean you have that at all ok. There are many other reasons for twitches and weakness. Please try not to worry ok! I am glad you are going to see a doctor tomorrow. It is a starting point. They will get things figured out. Please come back and let me know what you find out. God bless you! Take care!:angel:
Hi Mandy! I hope you have had your doctor visit today. Please let us know how you are. I had serious muscle twitches this afternoon. My back and arm on my left side just went nuts. I am a massage therapist and I did a couple of massages today and that seemed to really set it off. I still have another neurology visit coming up in 2 weeks for more tests concerning my twitching. It's just crazy. I hope you are doing well.
Thanks SO much for all your kind words!My main concern is that I have the constant tongue twitch,plus the scalloped tongue!My hand started up today,along with my feet for weeks,and it just wont stop,I am praying with all Ive got this could be something else!You really think wit ALL these exact symptoms it could be something else??
hi there- how are you doing??
I so feel for you- i know what it is like to be so scared..
a few years ago i got a twitch in my index finger- i diagnosed als too and once i thought about this the twitching got worse and worse...terrible....i eventually saw a neurologist who helped by calming me down.. then i needed some antidepressants which i think saved my life.
I am wondering if you are really deficient in some minerals... i am sure low magnesium can cause twitching- esp in the tongue. it wouldn't be surprising if you are low in essential vitamins and minerals with 2 littleys keeping you frantic- we are here for you...
Thanks so much,Im just losing hope with all my symptoms...Plaese pray for me and my family:)
You guys are so nice here!!
HI Ladies! Mandy... did you have your doctor appt yet? Did they run any tests? I know it can take a bit to get them back too. I was just wondering. Mary is right, you may have vitamin or mineral deficiencies. This is how we also caught that I was extremely low on vitamin D and Calcium. I got right on pills for that. The levels came right up. You can get twitchy when those are low. Just have the doc run levels on that too. Hang tough! :angel:
Hi Mandy, I lost a sister to ALS and I can tell you that symptoms with the tongue and speech , are in the final stages of the disease. First stage is legs and the ability to walk. No Pain . Then the use of the arms and then speech and swallowing . Finally Heart and or Lung Failure . I really don't think your early symptom of tongue twitching is ALS unless you are in a wheelchair . take vitimins and minerals.
I beg to differ. This is a very real symptom that may be cause by vitamin deficencies, stress, neurological issues. It is not a matter to just pass off as a mental case. That was not necessary to say that. She is seeing a physican and is in good hands. Right there with you Mandy!
[QUOTE=Mandy4060;3587015]Thanks so much,Im just losing hope with all my symptoms...Plaese pray for me and my family:)
You guys are so nice here!![/QUOTE]
Hi again....i know how scared you are.... i have had tingling which started in my feet last nov- now its in my hands too- i am so scared that i am almost in denial and just going about stuff as if its not real. Having an MRI scan in 2 months to diagnose for MS. I had myself in a whchair within days back in nov but still walking around. its wierd how life goes on around you despite this incredible turmoil going on in your own world too. Keep in touch xx
[QUOTE=drhansen;3588138]Sounds like you need a psychological evaluation. You exhibit classic hypochondria and you need mental help. Sober up.[/QUOTE]

I haven't heard of classic hypochondria being exhibited with tongue twitching before?? is there such a thing as classic hypochondria? if there is i think it would be way down at the bottom of the list after every other physical/neuro avenue had been investigated and ruled out. i know how many times MS has been fobbed off as stress, anxiety and depression....and hypochondria....(if only it was).Not sure alcohol was mentioned so sobering up may not be required.
Thanks for those of you that have been "nice".I really hope this turns out not to be,but my symtoms are SO classic.And I cant fnd anything else with the tongue twitching being constant whenI look up my symptoms.
[QUOTE=Mandy4060;3588847]Thanks for those of you that have been "nice".I really hope this turns out not to be,but my symtoms are SO classic.And I cant fnd anything else with the tongue twitching being constant whenI look up my symptoms.[/QUOTE]

HI again Mandy... can't leave you alone!!! i note that another poster said that tongue twitching comes much later in ALS- i have been reading on the net and this is definitely the case...!!! i have also read several posts from others ( on a neurology site) with similar tongue twitching- they were diagnosed with benign fasciculations ( spelling?).... bye for now :)
Thanks for your support,really!! Thething that I read that scred me was that it can start in the mouth as Bulbar Palsy,twitching,swallowing probs.,or tongue IS rippled a little all the way around.I also have the brisk reflexes,and a problem with my left leg.And to top it off,I noticed yesterday in the mirror,that behind my ankles look completely sunk in,not to mention the consatnt twitching in my feet and calves...What else could this be??I have NEVER been so afraid.All I can think of are my two precious babies,and what they would go through if it is ALS...UGH
Hi Mandy! Just wanted to come by tonight and be a support to you. Try not to fear. I know its easier said that done. You are not alone. I just know you will be ok. My twitches are going crazy right now. They had subsided for a couple of weeks to where I didn't notice them. Now I have a twitch in my left temple of left side of my scalp. It is crazy! I had it a couple of months ago. Now its back! Ugh! And my arms and legs are at it again. I can look down at my left bicep and watch it quiver. It is freakish. I pray to God as I go through further testing that is is benign muscle fasiculations. Just like I pray that for you too! God won't let anything bad happen to you with those two precious babies. We just need to go through our testing. My next test in June 10th.

I think I have HUGE underlying stress. We may lose our house do to my job loss. The stress level is high and I just need to get out from underneath all this. I pray God will restore my health. We can't live in fear and under this kind of stess. I will pray for you tonight! You keep us posted sweetie! Thanks!:angel:
Thanks SO much for being so kind to me!I think yours sounds alot more like stress.Maybe God will help me out of this,he surely has before!!Its strange how someone can make you smile without knowing them,really thanks for your support,and you are in my prayers too!
Hi Mandy,
Hoping you are still out there somewhere. I came across this thread when searching for 'why is my tongue twitching'. It's been over a year since you posted and I was very much hoping that
A) You're okay
B) What your diagnosis ended up being

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