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I am a hospice nurse, and I have had an unusually high amount of ALS patients which makes me suspicious on it's own. I noticed in the last few months, I get terrible cramping pains in my forearms, just holding a phone. Then I started having the "electric jolt" pains shooting from my neck down my arms. I have always had a hard time with buttons, keys, etc. I assumed I was having a c-spine problem at first. But I have been having these uncontrolled episodes of crying, and at times, my legs feel like they weigh 8,ooo pounds. I have also had really bad muscle spasms in my scapular area, bicep, and forearm. I have also had numbness of both upper extremities, and then today, I had extreme, numbness,and weakness of my left arm. It is a serious effort for me to type this. I was also unable to operate a bic lighter with my left hand earlier today.

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