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this all started about a year ago. i lost three jobs and got diagnosed with generalized anxiety. but those symptoms went away and now all of this started. i have been having muscle fasciculations for about 6 months. when it first started it wasnt that bad but now for the past couple of moths they have been all over but mainly in my legs. i have to spots in my legs that never go away. the one in my lower left leg is movin all the time it never stops. i can just look down at anytime of day and look and there it is movin and sometimes its very fine movement and u can barly see it. i can go walk somewhere and then look and there it is movin. and the one in my right leg just above my knee moves violenly all day u can see it move through my clothes. and i also get them all over my legs but those come and go all day long they never stop. and my legs feel like a boiling pot like not hot just bubbling all over twitches all over and i get them also all over my body all over and they feel like little bubbling feelings all over. so i went to see a neuro finally he ran a ncv and it was normal. then he ran a emg and the emg sowed widespread fasciculation and he said i did not have als. but im scared i had alot of fasciculations on my emg . dosent that mean i have als or indicate it. but i kept askin him questions so he is sending me to a als specialst. now im freaked out why is he sending me to an als specialsts if he dosent think i have als is he lying to me and tryin not to scare me. and latley where my twitch is in my lower left leg it feels stiff and now im freakin i have als. im scared and am convinced i have als this fasciculations are all over i probabbley twitched like 20 times since i have been writting this. they feel like little bubbling all over and the bad ones that never go away feel like pulling tight twitching im scared they are all over and some just dont go away. can bfs be this bad? do yhall think this is als? dose bfs show up on a emg this bad? and dosent bfs twitches go away when the muscle is flexed? cuz mine dont the two in my legs are there all day i can just look and there they are just movin and jumpin. and like i said sometimes are very fine and u got too look hard and ther it is they dont leave or ever go away i can look at anytime of the day and there it is but im freaked out and terriffeied out of my mind i nned advice bad but ohnestly can bfs be this bad? they dont go away

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