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I am 28 years old (male). 2 months back I had muscle twitching in my right leg accompanied by leg pain. After a week, there was no leg pain, but the muscle twitching started in arms and now it is coming all over the body. Mostly I can see the mucle twitching in my arms and legs.

Since I had arm pain with mild neck pain, I was but scared and checked with neurologist. After checking the MRI of my cervical spine, my doctor said I have pinched nerve (osteotype complex). So that caused the arm pain.

He did EMG for my arms (1 month back) and it came negative.

Everything was fine, except this muscle twiching was still all over the body. And for the past 1 week, I am having constant pain in my right leg (originating from hip) again.

My only fear is, will it be related to amyotophic latral sclersis?

I am getting more worried coz of constant leg pain and the mucle twitching.

Could any one tell me, are these symtoms not to be worried?

Kamal T[/QUOTE]

I am not a specialist but i obsess over ALS with my health too...What you are talking about seems to be either Anxiety related or BFS which anxiety comes along with BFS..

As a general clinical rule if you arent experiencing any Muscle weakness or atrophy with the twitching you probably dont have ALS...Muscle pain stiffness and twitching are all symptoms of BFS which is a Benign is no deadly and not going to hurt you its just very annoying and scary at times..i really hope this helps and if you are continually worried try and find an ALS specialist who can give you tests and such and talk to you about it or go back to the neuro however if it came up clean you shouldn't worry

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