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Like ALS, kennedy's is simiular, my Dad was diagnosed back in 1989 as having ALS, later it was changed to Kennedy's.

Kennedy's is quite the same as ALS, but in ALS you have less than as they were saying 10 yrs to live. One man I knew about was told in Feb that he had ALS, he probably had less than 1 yr to live and in three months he was dead.

I was told that by the Medical Examiner and the pathologist and his medical records that it stands corrected.

As for Kennedy's as you will also see in ALS that it slowly debilitates you, you waste away to nothing, where as you look like someone with an eating disorder.

You can no longer lay down to sleep, you have to be in a supine position, your breathing on your own will be replaced my O2, this is in later stages and I don't want to scare you but you end of wearing diapers because you no longer can walk or stand, you need someone to come in and care for you, whether it be family, homecare or both. These people are the best (homecare) and without them, your family, then your better off in a Nursing home or facility that looks after people with this condition.

Kennedy's disease come's from the mother who is the carrier of the gene, it effects the men only and if the Dad is the carrier, the women only get the symptoms and this is very rare.

My dad was 75 yrs old, his brother died of the same disease before he did and my Dad has an older sister who is still alive.

It is best to get tested to see if you the woman is the carrier of this gene, my Aunt did and she's not, she has 7 son's, My older sister got tested and she isn't the carrier and she has 2 son's, my other sister has one son, she never got tested because she's worried if she is, what do you tell your son? I'm the youngest, I have no children and I'm not worried because I'm not planning on getting pregnant anyways, even though I am married.

The age of the Men if you read about them on there when this all started for them, sad to say for my nephew whose mother never got tested, how do you tell him the symptoms your feeling in your body is nothing, but to be safe perhaps I will say something, so his poor mother doesnt have too.

I know it doesn't explain how they diagnose ALS, but Kennedy'sdisease does.

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