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Hi guys, for the past 3 months I have had the following symptoms-migratory joint pain-it pulsates or stabs different parts of my body at first thought it was my bones, got a bone scan I was fine. I have also EXTREME joint cracking that started a week after the pain

My feet buzz from time to time and now I am getting muscle twitches all over my body that I can see. I use to get eye twitches when I was tired/stress, and now that same type of twitch is hitting different muscles-everything from my butt, shoulder, calve, foot, thumb. I looked up muscle twitches and ALS came back. Should I be concerned that this is what may be wrong with me?

I have had blood tests for EVERYTHING and am fine so far. I had a colonoscopy to rule out colitis. The only thing I have not done is an MRI as I want this to be the last thing as I have had 2 CT scans, bone scan and chest xray in the past 8 yrs...
Thanks for your response! No I have not been taking that. I cannot help but think the worst, A-its in my nature B- my symptoms seem to continue to build. I am worried it could be ALS, Luekimia, or Lyme (best case is lyme).

I just dont know what else could cause migratory joint pain, EXTREME joint cracking, buzzing feet and now muscle twitching. I am only 33 and feel like I am 93. At first (since all the drs said this) I thought maybe it is stress...however, stress would not cause the joint cracking nor the beaus lines on my nails (which came up last month) addition my derm told me my beaus lines are most def. associated with whatever is going on in my body.

BTW I am going to a new neuro tomorrow...I am thinking he may suggest an MRI. Is there radiation w an MRI? I have had a CT scan (for migraines) twice, a bone scan (for my joint/bone pain) and a chest x ray all in the past 8 yrs....
Hi guys I am back. Everything is still going haywire in my body. The shooting body pains still jump around, the muscle twitches continue all over my body every day, I still have extreme joint cracking. Now I get buzzing in my left foot, and not only do my joints crack to the extreme, some of them pop out of the socket. In addition, i am getting muscle cramps

I had an EMG-it was normal. MRI of brain full spine- no lesions, but no contrast either. There was mild stenosis in my neck.

Saw a FOURTH neuro today which got me concerned about ALS again. He said that nueros usually are concerned w ALS when there are twitches all over the body. He said that there usually is not pain associated or other nerve type things (the buzzing) as in my case. He said it was good I had a normal EMG. Then he went on to say that well sometimes w ALS its hard to tell in the beginning so he may know more in another 5 months with me. So he went from reassuring me to making me think it could be possible.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I am pretty upset right now

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