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[QUOTE=mel4;3887424]Yes, I have heard of it being misdiagnosed. Be sure they check for Lyme Disease. Sometimes the symptoms of advanced Lyme are mistaken for classic ALS (according to research that I've read). However, beware of giving yourself too much false hope. It's important to keep your spirits up and remain hopeful, but if you put all your confidence in finding some other diagnosis, you may be disappointed. It is rare to find out that and ALS diagnosis is actually something else, even though it does happen. I really hope for your sake and your family's sake, that you are some of the lucky ones! My prayers are with you!!!!!![/QUOTE]

We too struggled w/ "misdiagnosis"~~My father-in-law had bulbar onset but ideas were raised of stroke and other possibilities. When the ALS didn't progress as rapidly as initially expected, one MD said it was possibly PMA: Progressive Muscular Atrophy. Unfortunately same ultimate outcome but people w/ this condition can expect a slightly better prognosis. Never give up hope! Remain optimistic even if cautiously so, arm yourself w/ as much info as possible not just about the disease but how to best provide care and above all remember people w/ ALS are cognitively intact: tell them you love them and how much you value them. Peace to you~ there is a lot of support even in this difficult time

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