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Hi, I am a 34 year old female. A mom to two small kids (2 and 4 years old). I have been on a physical/emotional rollercoaster for the last three weeks. My initial concern started more than a month ago when I noticed that I was waking up with my arms in an awkward sleeping position. I would wake up and adjust them, only to wake up a few hours later in the same position. (hands twisted up and under my armpits and muscles tight). Then a few weeks ago, I was wringing out some wet bathmats and noticed that the muscles below my thumb were having a really hard time with the ringing motion. After I had rung out the mats those muscles bothered me for a couple of weeks, but seem to be improved now...then about 2 weeks ago, my arms felt very strange. Weak and numb - I found it hard to even carry my purse. This weakness lasted for a couple of days, and then improved. But the next day I had extreme joint pain in my knees and a heavy feeling in my feet and calves. I could barely go up and down stairs. This lasted for two or three days. As soon as the pain in my knees let up I started having severe muscle twitching all over my body. (BFS?) It has not stopped yet, and it is so bad now, that I cannot sleep without taking Robaxacet. I don't notice the twitching during the day, but at night it goes crazy. and the twitching happens everywhere from my shoulders to my toes... I have had roaming pains all over my body from my big toe, to my shoulder to my arms. I cannot sleep, I am overcome with fear that I have a serious disease like ALS. I have two kids who rely on me! Today I had a pretty good day, I almost had myself convinced I was getting better, as all of my muscles felt pretty good and my anxiety level was low. But tonight when I tried to sleep I once again could not because of the twitching and again found myself in the same strange twisted arm sleeping position. I am sick with worry. I don't know what to do next...All my family and friends, and even my family doctor tell me that this is stress induced...but the longer this goes on the more I fear that it could be something else...Could someone help me? I am planning to see a neurologist...but where I am from it could take some time to get in! I need some advice, or something to help me get through the process of getting tests done. Please help!

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