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Re: Do I have ALS?
May 23, 2009
Well, first how old are you? The younger the better, it is almost unheard of for somebody under 35 to get ALS. Most people who get this horrible disease are 65 and older.

Next, twitching is normally a sign that points away from ALS. The mere fact that you are getting twitching in your left hand is a great sign. If you're noticing weakness in your right hand, the twitching would not occur in your left hand. Even though you pointed out that you are getting the twitching in your left hand now too, only further points away from ALS. The twitching, if you did have ALS, would be one of the last things you would notice.

Finally, the twitching in ALS patients most times goes unnoticed. This is because the muscle tissue is dead, and they can not feel them.

I must say that twitching should NOT be labeled as an ALS symptom because it is not. It is one of the last stages that someone who has ALS gets. You do not start off with twitching then get muscle weakness.

Personally, I would stop looking up ALS because it will only make it worst. Believe me when I say I went through what you are experiences.

You should get the hand checked out, chances are it is something simple.

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