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So glad to see you posted. Thanks for the info on the ALS clinics. We just got back from a long 4th of July weekend. We went camping and had a lot of family time which was so good. I was a little emotional at times but so glad to have family around to talk to. I too want to have things lined up I do not like the feeling of loose ends. We have papers to fill out and sign for the medical directive. I want to visit the funeral home to get an idea and maybe get a form to go through with DH to see what he wants.

There is so much to do and I feel overwhelmed at times with the unknown of how fast will this progress etc. Not sure what we will do with the house either. I will not be able to make the payments or maintain it by my self. DH wants to stay there so will do what I need to do I guess. The kids seem like they are doing ok right now of course my daughter is the most emotional. She is 28, My middle son who is married is 24 and my youngest son is 22.

It really does help to hear what you are going through. So many times I think she is feeling exactly how I am feeling. Husband is now going through things and wants to give some of his things to his kids. That is hard also. I too feel like I can't break down right now to much to do. I am so sorry your husband seems to be progressing so fast. I am scared that I won't have as much time as I would like.

Hang in there.

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