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hello everyone id like to start off by thanking you for taking the time to read this thread I know some of you have your own health problems to worry about.I am a 21 year old male and I am just so scared I have als or some ofther mnd I need some advice. symptoms started about 5-6 weeks ago with muscle twitching and spasms almost 24/7 in my calfs. I had spuradic twitching elsewhere but nothing like what I was experiencing in my calfs. it has now spread to my arms with twitching and spasms and I get a painful type of feeling that goes from the tips of my middle finger and ring finger all the way down my forearm. I am not sure of any weakness right now but feel my hands may be a little weak. I a. not sure though because I have also been doing self strength tests because of my fears. I have since noticed twitching in my tongue,throat,neck,face,trunk,butt,feet,hands, and all up my legs. I woke up yesterday with a pain on the side of my neck on the right side right behind the jawbone. by the end of the day it hurt on both sides and the sides of my throat. it was kind of more like a painful swelling type of feeling you may get with some colds however I don't think there is any noticable swelling. I don't think there's any problems swallowing as of now and there is no problems speaking. I have noticed there is a lot more "creaking" or "cracking" in my hands and arms. I do experience pain also witch I hear is not usually associated with als. I have also been told I should not worry because I am so young but I recall reading a very sad story about a woman who lost her 16 year old son to als god rest his soul. I am also told not to worry because it has spread so fast and that is not how als typically acts. but saying "typical" for als or atleast from what I have read is untrue because it is so unpredictable with how it presents itself. I have also had mono suggested to me but I have already had mono when I was younger and I didn't even notice it until my mom noticed a lump on the side of my neck due to swollen lymphnodes. I did have some neck discomfort but nothing like this. I have also considered lymes (but there is no rash). I have been worried sick and have not seen a doctor due to no health insurance but I think its time to see my gp. I know none of you can diagnose me but any help given is greatly appreciated.

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