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Let me start off by thanking anyone who responds as I know this question gets asked quite alot. I first starting having a muscle spasm that was under my right shoulder blade that would radiate to my chest and it would actually take my breath. After about two month of the spasm coming and going, my cartilage in chest got very irritated and inflammed. The swelling was visible and was shooting pains across my chest. I went to urgent clinic and was prescribed prednisone for the inflammation. By day 4 of the meds. I was in such horrible pain from hips down. Joint and muscle pain was involved. I toughed it out and within a few days it seemed to get better. Once I finished the prednisone the horrible muscle and joint pain returned with increased intensity. I went to family physician who said it sounded like autoimmune. He put me on an antibiotic and Mobic to help with the inflammation. Mobic helped with joint pain but muscle pain continued. He ordered a full panel blood workup and everything came back normal. Both Legs feel very crampy. Cramps seem to tighten in one leg then release and then jump to other leg. Getting twitches as well. Is the ALS?

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