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[QUOTE=Belle72;4632138]Thank you for taking time to read my post and to comment on it.

I have had a particular bad time the past few days, our weather has turned very cold and my symptoms seems worse. I feel stiff, get extremely cold very easily, still got the cold/white hands and feet. Was eating a meal on Sunday eve and felt like I had incompletely swallowed it sat at the back of my throat until I could swallow some water down (again that caused me anxiety, which is a vicious circle!)

The twitching/buzzing/vibration is still there, someone suggested a magnesium+calcium supplement to try???

I also spoke openly with a friend of mine who is a Dr and he said in ALS the fasiculations definitely DO NOT appear months/years before any weakness shows up(I still don't have any weakness just aching when I do stuff) the fasiculations occur after the weakness and damage occur?

I know something is wrong but I'm not going to dwell on ALS, I'm going to focus on getting my Dr to actively find out the cause (blood testing for autoimmune stuff etc and a neuro referral) instead of keep passing off the symptoms.[/QUOTE]

Hi Belle....
I had a c-section 15 months ago. I started having irregular heart beats (PAC's & PVC's), plus an average pulse between 98 - 104, I had hot flashes, etc... All dr's told me was due to lack of sleep and my post pregnancy hormones trying to get back to normal. So I went with that and dealt with it.

A few months later, out of no where, my heart issues stopped, pulse went to pre-pregnancy normal range, no more hot flashes. By the way, my Thyroid tests were normal then as well. Shortly after that I started getting clod easily, having muscle aches, cramps, and occasionally spasms in my thighs and face. I started having joint pain, feeling tired, had mood swings, etc... I went in for more lab tests and found I am Hypothyroid.

There's a thing called post pregnancy hypothyroidism and subclinical hythyroidism. Many people have the symptoms of Hypo but are still within normal range of the labs test values though they feel the symptoms. The backs of my claves & thighs are killing me right now as if I worked out really hard or am covered in bruises in that area. And the face thing you spoke of about the odd sensations you get in your face, I also get on my forehead and top of scalp.

What spooks me is that I have 2 uncles and a cousin who have ALS -BUT my symptoms are more specific to Hypothyroidism. My last 2 labs confirmed it. Your thyroid hormone levels are more accurate between 10:00 AM & Noon. I'm in my mid 30's and a fairly new mom of one. I'm seeing an Endocrinologist soon and starting thyroid meds as well. It will take up to 6 weeks before my thyroid levels will change for better or worse and can take 2 to 6 months or more to find the correct dose for me. I'm starting low and working my way up. Anyway, if I have any change in these symptoms, I'll post it here to let you know.
Good luck & don't worry.... I know... easier said than done. I get freaked out easily too.

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