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[QUOTE=missmineau;4633455]My parents came up to see our house we bought and I was in shock at how much ALS has progressed in my mom. Her arms and hands are very very weak, and she is very rigid when she walks. Three months ago when she was diagnosed, she could get around quite well by herself. It seems to be progressing very fast, not that I have anyone or anything to compare it too. The doctors have told us they figure she has had it for quite some time and its now starting to rear its ugly head. I know not everyone progresses the same, but I was wondering what do I expect next?? Her chewing and swallowing seem to be fine, although when she gets tired, which she does very easy, her speech is slurred. I am angry at the disease, I am scared because I know what the progression and outcome is, and I am confused as to why. I know there are no answers to any of my questions, and I feel as tho, and Im sure everyone else also does, that this is not fair!! I guess I needed a little rant and maybe a little cry. This board has helped a lot for me, knowing there are others going thru what myself and my family are. I have looked into support groups and there are none in the city that I live. They are looking into seeing if anyone with the disease in the area would be willing to speak to me, just for some support. Thank you for letting me have my rant, and take care everyone![/QUOTE] I know what your going.. My mom also has ALS.. You mother sounds like the way my mom going threw the stages.. It going threw pretty fast as well.. Her foot got stiFf then falling cuz she was so weak.. Then she could not get up from a chair..then she could no longer walk.. Turn in bed she lost her balance.. And then she got on a bipap mashine cuz she had a hard time breathing then she got to a point where she could not eat.. Then one day she just could not breath with the bipap so twe took her to the ER and was admitted and now she on a vent.. But no feeding tube thank god for that she eats more she happy she a diff person.. And we had hospice but now we have home health.. Cuz we see improvements on my mom.. The nurse tell us it don't look like AlS but that's what the doctor dng her has having...I will keep ur mother in my prayers I hope I was any help..

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