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In the beginning of the year I started having muscle twitching that happened mainly in my legs but has since popped up everywhere throughout the body. I was worried I had MS because I felt weak and fatigued some days. Had a million blood tests. Everything came back normal. Had a MRI last month and there was a small Hyperintensity flare which was non specific and did not point towards MS. Neurologist thought everything looked fine. My regular Dr. and Neurologist looked at me like I was some crazy hypochondriac when I told them my symptoms. Almost three months later I still have muscle twitching that goes away only when I sleep. The min I wake up and start moving around, my legs wake up as well. I will have twitching randomly throughout my body as well. Im so terrifed I have ALS or some other disease. I know the mind is a powerful thing and you can make yourself paranoid but I cant help it. Im a 34 yr old married mother of 3 children and I just want to be ok. I work as a nurse and I know I am very stressed. My electrolytes are fine. I just want to know there are others that are experiencing the same thing and know how I feel
Remember ALS does not come and go, even at rest. You're muscle twitching doesn't sound like ALS related muscle twitching. My moms twitching looked like little creepy crawlies under her skin AND she could NOT feel them. ALS muscle twitching shows up in the affected body part first, almost always after noticable muscle atrophy and severe weakness. Weight loss is usually present due to loss of muscle.

I have MS. I have random muscle twitches, different parts of the body, fatigue and weakness. This sounds like more of a possibility. Remember there are hundreds of things that can cause symptoms like you are having. I would recommend repeating your MRI (with and without contrast) in 6 months if the problems still persist. Also, get a doctor that will acknowledge that you are having ligitimate issues. It helps to journal your symptoms, when they come and go, etc.....

ALS is rare and MS is managable. I was 36 when diagnosed, I have 2 kids and work full time. Try not to let anxiety get to your own health advocate. Wishing you the best :)
First of all, try to RELAX! The anxiety will make everything worse. I, too, am a nurse. My husband has only recently been diagnosed, but he has shown symptoms for almost 2 years now. Some of the "specialist" he saw told him to wait it out, the footdrop would resolve in about 2 years! I have been saying since day 1 that this looks like ALS. Please find a really good, qualified specialist in Neurology Diagnostics. They can rule out and/or find a correct diagnosis. I truly wish you luck. There are many other Motor Neuron Diseases that are treatable. I pray you have one of those treatable ones:-))

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