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I posted the following posting on the stroke site, but due to my 1st cousin having similar...are there any similaritiesto ALS in the symptoms ?


I am hoping someone out there has or knows of someone that has had my exact symptoms. I am only 39 years old. Never smoked, or drank. I have suffered from Migraines since childhood however, they were limited to 2-3 a year and were primarily brought on by anytype of heat or exercise. Therefore I do not exercise. I have suffered from high cholersterol of over 220 (plus)since the age of 18. It is inherited from my mother. Haven't been on medication until the most recent of issues. I am 5'7" and weight 130lbs, therefore, I find other ways to stay fit. 10 years ago I started having numbness in my extremeties and tingling on my right side of my face as well as occasional vision impairment in my right eye. I went through nerve testing, blood work, MRI's, etc. and nothing could be found therefore I was diagnosed as having anxiety induced migraines without the pain. I was placed on a daily dosage of zoloft and it appeared to work. In October of 2010 my migraines started occurring more often (monthly) and with greater intensity than ever. My family doctor started experimenting with medication assuming the zoloft had stopped working. However, I felt these migraines were very different than my childhood migraines. The impairments would last for days. The twitching in the right side of my face had never been a symptom of my migrianes as a child. On May 15, of 2011 I had a mini-stroke while on vacation in Italy. I have been blessed the only long termissues are memory loss, some personality changes (very short tempered), difficulty composing emails (I type the same words over and over without knowing it), no physical impairment but severe pain in my right side of my neck going through my shoulder going down my right arm. My tests show two legions in my brain, hardening of the arteries in my neck and I am getting ready to have a EGD (going down my throat) and a TFE to rule out a PFO. I am suffering from depression, but I haven't told my family. My worst fear is going through all of this and the Doctors not being able to diagnose the problem. As well as, everytime I turn around my someone is calling me to say that so and so has the same symptoms and has Lou Gehrigs Disease or some other life threatening disease.

Can any one help put my mind at ease that the doctors are ordering the right tests, or any suggestions on additional tests? And has anyone had the exact same symptoms and received a confirmed diagnosis? More importantly thank you for anyone who just read this and listened. God Bless You .
I might suggest asking about MS. If you are heat sensitive, have tingling and numbness, eye issues and twitching, it could be MS. A good MS doctor could tell you if your brain lesions are from migraines or MS. Also, you can have MS and not have lesions show up for awhile. I would ask for another MRI of the brain and spine with contrast. I had severe migraines in 2005 with vertigo. I had a brain MRI and it showed nothing. A year later I had double vision. I had another MRI and it show lesions.

ALS symptoms don't come and go. MS symptoms can last for day(s), weeks, or months....often disappearing. From my knowledge, ALS doesn't cause numbness and tingling like MS. ALS is weakness, muscle atrophy, twitching that doesn't go away, major weight loss depending how fast it hits.

Keep searching for the right doctors. Journal your symptoms both for you and your doctors.

good luck...doesn't scream ALS to me.

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