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ALS Theory
Jun 27, 2011
I will go ahead and say this: I am, by no means, an expert. I'm a kid who has access to very little medical research. I have watched my friend's father progress and ALS is a horrible disease. And this got me thinking that I should finally share my ideas on ALS with the world to relieve some of the stress my friend and I deal with. So thank you for reading this far.

ALS is a progressive degenerative disease. This much is common knowledge to almost anyone reading this. It will usually start with a subtle signs that may be interpreted as clumsiness. And as there is no test other than process of elimination, ALS can be tough to diagnose. Again, that is common knowledge. From my hours of scouring the internet in search for information, I have formed a feeble conclusion that ALS, is, in fact, a retrovirus. It is a recessive virus that is only present in some people due to the varied miscopies of DNA and RNA, as well as other genetic material present. If this stray gene can be located, scientists, researchers, and doctors will be able to create a genetic therapy program for patients. Another possible cure, to recover lost motor neurons, is stem cells or other cells that can be converted. This will replace the lost motor neurons and improve the quality of life for patients who have lost motor neurons. I would love to hear thoughts on this little theory of mine for those who may have them. Thank you for reading this.

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