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My Case:
1- Since almost four years I developed the earliest signs of ALS in m my right lower limb. That was an upper and motor neuron signs.

2- It continued in this leg all this time and I never had any other symptoms.

3- I have been told that I have ALS 2 years ago. Since then, I started to be obsessed and any mistake in my body function I explain it as impending death and the final attack of ALS even mistaking speaking a word every one or two month. Yet, I am not sure if it is true or not. Fasciculation happens to me every few weeks. It lasts for few mints and disappears even more than a month. I smoke heavily since 30 years and drink more than 5 cups of coffee every day.

4- I have Diabetes since 13 years and under insulin therapy.

5- I performed needle EMG 20 days ago with the following conclusion in the report:
- Picture of sensory and motor neuropathy.
- Chronic muscle de-enervation with fasciculation.

6- During all the three and half years my condition is steady and I have no problems elsewhere in my body except in my right lower limb and even this does not progress since about 2 years.

7- I do all my everyday activities and hold a single life and do all the details of my life by myself including the finest details with both my hands.

8- I visited 2 neurologists and both told that due to the course of my disease I have Monomelic lateral sclerosis.

9- I would like to let you know that during my last visit to Egypt last week I did the following activities :
- Climbing the stairs up to the 10th floor in my ordinary way, with other people and no one noticed any defect in my right limb.
- Waking for over 2 hours in a fast way with my son and he could not notice any defects.
- Most recently I managed to carry about 40 kg and climb the stairs in one shot for the 4 the floor.
- Performing stress ECG for 10 mints and it was normal and the doctor did not see even the slightest limping in my gait while going uphill and downhill.
- Most recently, I could carry a 40 kg wait up to the fourth floor.

My question is :
- Could this be ALS?

About: 2 month ago.
-Some Fasciculation occurs from time to time and disappear for days and weeks in different parts of my body.
- I started feeling my tongue little heave and visited a consultant who said it is normal and not due to ALS. Even though, this also comes and goes and is not fixed problem.

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