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Re: Is this als ?
Sep 21, 2011
I would recommend getting a definite diagnosis before treating your condition. You are right about antibiotics possible making it worse. A lot of people insisted I had Lyme and suggested I start antibiotics....I do not have Lyme, I have MS. Taking antibiotics would exaccerbate my MS symptoms. Please don't treat until you know.

ALS presents very specific symptoms. An ALS specialist or good neurologist should be able to diagnose it. Get a second opinion or third or get the point.

rapid weight loss
muscle atrophy
muscle fasciculations (look like creepy crawlies under skin but can't feel them...also they do not stop, but continue)
starts on one side of body but quickly is seen on both
pain is usually cramp like - charley horses

If you have been progressing, a good neurologist should be able to diagnose or rule out ALS....Please don't self diagnose.
Re: Is this als ?
Sep 22, 2011
Thank you anxiousme :)
You're right anxiousme, I'll consult again ..
Self diagosing and self trt are tricky I know ...
I have many of the symptoms in your list ...
I'll not focuse on fascics (as you describe them had only once on the tongue 1 yr ago)
Weight loss is not rapid
Pain is indeed like when you have exercised the muscle too much (know what I mean ?)
Muscle atrophy is really distressing (started in both hands at the same time and both shoulders). It's progressing and lately I had definite finger clumsiness ..
Charley horse come and go at times .. but not too often. It's not the major picture. They can be on stomach, shoulders, neck, legs ...
Weakness is obvious in legs and arms (don't have much power in throwing a ball for instance, or difficult to knee down/getting up, can't run, walk slowly)
Hyper reflexes : seem not in the pattern at the present time ...
Plus jaw uneasiness/disconfort, lips uneasiness too and voice getting lower/hoarse, cramps (2 days ago) at the right ankle but not today !
EMG performed in may showed neuropathy, slight diminition of conduction velocity and lack of persistance of F waves on certain nerves.
Have to redo one soon.
Ok for now
My thoughts are with you,

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