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Okay guys, here's what's been going on. Two months ago, I was sitting in class and I had a full blown panic attack for no reason. It subsided within an hour or so, and I was fine for the rest of the day. The next day, I woke up and I had slight weakness and fatigue in my left arm and my left leg, they felt heavy, and my arm felt like it was pulling down every time I tried to lift it. I then noticed the hand movements were a little clumsier in my arm and I felt kind of like the muscles were pulling in my left leg (no pain) and I couldn't make the same kind of ankle movements. A week later, the feeling spread to my other arm, then another week later to my other leg. I also started having some twitching and doing constant muscle tests. I would get sore after doing a few push-ups and it would last for a day or two. I didn't have much progression for a while, but then, a week or two ago, I noticed the heaviness got worse in my left arm and left leg, then in my right arm (not sure about my right leg). I now have random twitched all over my body from under my eye to my calf and everywhere in between. Now, when I lift certain things, it feels like there are ropes attached to the bottom of them pulling down or something. I can still pick them up, it just feels like it takes more effort. I've noticed weird things, and been paranoid about every indent I see in my muscles, thinking they're atrophy. I also think I might see atrophy in my tongue. It's been a little harder to talk lately, my girlfriend says I'm not slurring or everything. Also, I did some measuring and my left calf is slightly smaller than my right. I have NO IDEA if it's due to wasting or if it's just always been like that. Also, every time I move my bottom lip over my teeth it shakes and quivers (I don't know if this is normal). Some of my muscles in my arms don't tense up or move like they used to, it's kind of hard to explain. I also frequently experience times where my arms feel EXTREMELY light every once in a while. One more thing that really concerns me, in my left hand, when I move my pinky down, my ring finger doesn't move more than a little bit with it. In my right hand, on the other hand (no pun intended), my ring finger curls with my pinky. I have no idea if this is normal, how long it's been around, etc. I went to a neuro-psychiatrist and he said some of my symptoms "may be neurological in nature" and scheduled an MRI. My doctor, on the other hand, seems to think it's all perceived and possibly somatic in nature. I'm completely terrified...does this sound like ALS to any of you guys? Are there any other disorders that could cause these symptoms? HELP!

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