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Input on neurologi
Apr 4, 2012
Hello. I am waiting for an upcoming first time appt with my neurologist. I will detail my symptoms below. If any one has any input on what this may or may not be I welcome your input.
I began having numbness (not typical of ALS I realize) in my right leg from calf to foot. Incould still feel my foot, it was more of a pins and needles feeling. In the next few days it involved my right arm..elbow to hand...then my left leg and left arm in the same areas. The numbness would last most of the day for several hours at a time. I then began having some numbness in m back as well as some far spaced bee sting feelings. In saw my family dr. Who did lots of blood work (thyroid, complete metabolic panel, vitamin b deficiency, and thyroid). All came back fine. I had an MRI done on a t3 machine (best at detecting ms) as well as a cervical, thoracic, and lumbar MRI. All of these were with contrast. Everything was compeletely normal except for some mild disc degenerative disease and mild bulging discs. I was told that this was not causing my numbness. In the last week the numbness has considerably lessoned, only affecting my feet at times for fairly short time spans. What has increased are fasiculations on both sides but predominantly the right. I jerk as I fall asleep. I feel like I'm internally tremoring, but this comes and goes. And most recently I will be in the middle of An action, both times lying down, and my shoulder, back and arm will start uncontrollably shaking. It lasts a short time 10 to 3o minutes and stops. I have also noticed when I flex and extend my fingers they seem to pulsate or tremor a bit, predominantly in my right hand. I have not noticed any muscle weakness. I have perceived weakness in my right hand. I realize this is not the same as actual weakness. There have been a few times where I have gone tom pick up something small with my right hand and have almost lost track of it in my hand so to so to speak. I usually fumble it. This isn't constantly but seems to happen in waves. I videotaped my walking to look for gait abnormalities. My foot seems to abduct when i walk. But im not high stepping or toe dropping. What I'm doing is an abductory twist of the foot I think...either this or a very mild case ofhio circumduction. I realize there can be a benign explanation for several of these symptoms. I have found them concerning because theybhave common all at once. If anyone has any input I welcome it. I just have no idea what could be causing these things.

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