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Hello! I am hoping to have some questions answered about my ALS concerns. I honestly am pretty convinced I have it at this point, so if you believe I don't please tell me what else could be going on.

Three and a half months ago I started getting non-stop twitching in both my calves. It has not let up at all. They are definitely fasciculations

I have no CLINICAL muscle weakness. I have not tripped over myself, I have not dropped things, I am able to function perfectly fine. I sometimes get fatigued easily and have found my legs to be rubbery from time to time. I also occasionally have twitches in other parts of my body but nothing consistant. I can still exercise (like running) but feel like my legs are jello afterwards.

Now into the part that is making me nervous. I have what feels like a lump in my throat right in the trachea area, and it feels hard to swallow past it. I don't feel a physical lump, only when I swallow it has a lump sensation. I also believe that my speech is getting nasally and I feel like my jaw is popping. The sensation of my jaw popping is odd, it seems like my jaw almost freezes sometime and it makes it hard to speak when it happens.... granted no one has noticed speech problems, there is a jaw popping issue. This issue is much worse when I am running or trying to catch my breath after a workout. It feels like my ears and jaw is popping when I am trying to catch my breath and it is difficult to get words out because of it. This started only when I was working out and now seems to be happening all the time. When I swallow I can feel the jaw popping pressure and have to open my mouth and close it for it to feel normal again because of what feels like a pressure buildup. This is getting worse and worse over the course of a few months now.

If this isn't Bulbar ALS then what could it possibly be? I really just want to know the truth. I can't afford a neurologist and don't have insurance. If it is ALS I don't want to know when something begins to really effect my quality of life... I want to know now so I can be with my loved ones and take a vacation or something while I am still myself.

I just need to know.

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