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Ok I am a 17 year old male. A month ago I got this twitch in my right foot. The twitching started after I began to exercise after about a year of no physical activity. The next day I woke up pretty sore but still did the strenuous exercises and that night, the twitching moved to my legs and a week later, by whole body. I went to the doc, told her the exact same thing im saying on here, and this is what she did. She did full blood work and urine samples which came up fine with normal blood pressure too. She also did a full physical, checking my heart, my reflexes you know what they do in a physical. So she basically said my muscles/body were not used to such strong physical activity from the get go, and this was my body responding to it. But it has been a month and I still have these twitches. They are throughout my body, I can see them and they are not painful. In my legs, arms, feet, back(not spine), even face. A week ago my tongue twitched which really freaked me out. The twitching has gotten better, the day it started i counted 6 twitches a minute and now its about 1 or 2 per minute. I feel like its something different everyday like today my left leg felt heavier than my right. Not stiff, but just different. I think it also has to do with anxiety, because I feel twitching and i get super worried and my mind goes crazy thinking about death. It does not help that I am at home all day. My research said it could be BFS, and I have done some "tests" to show that I dont have ALS. I saw that people with ALS cannot open things like jars or wite out bottles which I can do. I go up stairs with no problem, I am not clumsy or unbalanced(another test was standing on one foot which i did). I feel no muscle weakness. Also, about 2 weeks ago purple lines appeared across my fignernail beds which i saw was poor circulation or oxygen deprivation which i wonder if it is that. So do I have ALS?

The twitching gets worse when I get anxiety, and much better when I am calm.

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