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My symptoms started in 2009:
Slight loss of balance when raising arms in shower or when closing the car door, Noticed extreme itching in shoulder blades. The veins in my arms and hand were raised, my index finger would get stuck for a couple of days. I could no longer wear wristbands on my arms without pain.
After jogging I would have problems with my balance for about an hour. Later that year I started having sharp pain in my chest, arms, hands, stomach and shoulders also weakness in my arms and hands. Only way to relieve pain was to stand or walk, I could not bend my arms at the elbow. Burning shoulder blade pain when driving and it was hard to turn steering wheel. When writing burning pain would radiate up my arm. While playing video games my whole body would spasm. New years eve I had extreme chest pain when laying on my back, I went to ER thinking I was having a heart attack. I was diagnosed with hyperreflexia, gait problems, bilateral frozen shoulder, parasthesia, atrophy in both deltoids and thumb muscles, and possible ms.
I noticed my balance had gotten better and I could bend my elbows. My strength got better in my arms. One day as I was taking the trash out I felt a horrible pain inside my left elbow my arms went weak and I loss my balance. After that whenever I picked up something heavy or push a shopping cart my arms would shake and I would have problems with my balance.
My arms got weaker, my balance is horrible and I cannot walk on my own.When I sit down or lay in the bed my shoulder blades start to burn, the pain radiates to my arms, shoulders, ribcage, stomach and lower back. Emg shows chronic nerve damage in arms and shoulders. MRI brain wwo contrast shows minor scattered punctate foci of T2 hyperintensity within the subcortal white matter without mass effect nor enhancement, mild left sphenoid sinus mucosal thickening and minimal mastoid disease. MRI cervical spine wwo contrast shows c2-c3 mild left facet hypertrophy without herniation or stenosis, c4-c5 mild left facet hypertrophy without herniation or stenosis,c4-c5 tiny central disk protrusion without stenosis. MRI thoracic spine wwo contrast shows mild dextroscoliosis and lumbar shows levoscoliosis. After MRI's doctors no longer think I have ms but possibly als.

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