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Please please I am begging for help. I have posted and posted and gotten no answers. I began with body wide fasics in march.
Can bulbar palsy begin in the lip? When I open my mouth the right side of my upper lip slightly droops and the left side of my lower lip droops and shakes. I am29 years old. Im going to be having a bulbar and repeat emg this week. I had a six site emg and a ncv 2 months ago, but the bulbar area was not included. Im now biting the inside of my mouth..feeling like im lisping on and off. Im also have tics on the right side of the corner of my mouth when I open it. My tongue has fasiculations. I'm being investigated for a neuro disease..the only thing I can find that points to my symptoms after the battery of tests I have had is bulbar onset. Please have mercy on me. I would be so grateful for your time. I am so upset and would appreciate any help up you can give me.
Also could a dirty bulbar eng be anything else besides Als?
My mother's ALS was bulbar onset. She did not experience any of the symptoms you have. She had started with difficulty saying certain words like her tongue did not roll over the words correctly. She sometimes slurred her words so we thought her denture was loose. It progressively got worse but she never really had any other issues like you described. Have you talked to your MD about Bell's Palsy? Your symptoms seem to mimic that.

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