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Re: Do I Have ALS?
Sep 19, 2014
I'm not sure what led you to believe you have ALS but nothing in your described symptoms sounds like it.

Weakness in ALS is different than the weakness you describe. There is no feeling weak with ALS, only being weak. When weakness occurs in ALS it is the result of a set of muscles not receiving signals any longer. At some point, compensatory muscles will become disconnected as well and at that point something will just not work, you wont be able to lift your wrist, or a foot, or possibly choke when drinking because your tongue or throat is partially paralyzed.

Muscle twitching is common in ALS but also very common in the general population. Anxiety, caffeine and many neurological disorders are common inciting factors.

The other symptoms you mention dont really have anything to do with ALS. There can be other neurological causes of some of your symptoms, but they are not really associated with ALS.

I've seen a study that found als in those under 30, there is an incidence of 1/165,000,000. To put that in perspective the probability of being hit by a meteor is 1/700000, and of dying in a car accident is 1/67. There really isn't data for people at 24 because there have only been a very small number of cases ever.

There are many things that could cause your symptoms including vitamin deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction, anxiety, and many neurological conditions that aren't ALS.

Taking these symptoms to your GP would be a good place to start. He\she can test for many things, and make appropriate referrals if necessary.

Good luck.

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