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Hi all, I am 19 years old, of ****** (South Asian) descent, and am currently worried sick about the prospect of having ALS.

I am slightly obese, pretty sedentary, have normal blood pressure, and blood tests have not shown any deficiencies in vitamins or anything suspicious. I also do not have any history of anxiety (although I had a bout with health anxiety in late August over a brain tumor that may have evolved to worries about ALS now?) or ALS.

The reason I am concerned about ALS is because 3 weeks ago, I hauled a 20 pound bag for about a mile to my apartment from a bus stop. The next morning when i awoke, my left shoulder was very mildly sore/fatigued. I didn't think much of it and put it down to DOMS for the next few days. However after that, up to now I've noticed that the same shoulder is always fatigued for much longer than my right shoulder after doing anything using my deltoid and associated muscles after carrying something or even just towel-drying my hair. My right shoulder generally never gets weak/fatigued unless I exercise it. I have not noticed significant clinical weakness in either shoulder; when I lift, the left shoulder gets tired slightly faster than the right shoulder, but the difference is almost negligible. However, like I said, after that, the left shoulder will feel fatigued or "weak" for a few hours afterward while the right shoulder's fatigue goes away in about 15-30 minutes of relaxation. I have had fasciculations/twitching all my life but they seem to have increased recently to about 10-15 palpable fasciculations a day in no particular spot, but most often in my thighs, hands, and calves.

Thanks to Dr. Google I know that ALS can present in the shoulder girdle muscles, I feel that the fasciculations happen more often when I'm anxious or think about them and lessen in frequency to normalcy when I'm not thinking about them, but I can't be sure.

Anyway, does anyone know if this is typical of ALS presentation? If anyone has had ALS that started in the shoulder, what was the first symptom that got you concerned? Thanks in advance for any answers!

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