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Ok so this is my first time on here. I am a 35 year old white male. I've been very healthy my whole life. Here's my situation.

1.5 - 2 years ago noticed my right arm/side consistently weaker when working out at the gym, and my grip as well. Didn't think much about it. Was working out five days a week at the time, often twice a day.

1-1.5 years ag noticed twitching(fasiculations) in my shoulder and arm. Still wasn't too concerned.

1 year ago regularly started getting cramps at the gym in my right arm only. stopped working out.

8 months ago finally went to the doctor about my right arm twitching/weakness/cramps. He referred me to a neurologist.

7 months ago got into neuroligist, got my first EMG, Nerve conduction test, bloodwork and MRI. They diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome & sent me to physio.

6 months ago started physio, physio therapist noticed I had atrophy in my right hand. I hadn't even noticed yet, and was a little shocked once I really started looking and she was right. At this point I started getting worried.

5 months ago had follow up with neurologist, told her physio was doing nothing. She referred me to orthopedic surgeon for carpal tunnel release surgery.

4 months ago met with Ortho surgeon, he took one look at my hand and said "that's not carpal tunnel" and referred me to hand/upper extremity specialist as he was only a general surgeon.

3 months ago met with hand specialist. He said I have severe Ulnar nerve damage, and sent me for another EMG/nerve conduction. The technician that did the EMG said that she also saw slight abnormal readings in my left arm. She visually saw my fasiculations and was the first to mention ALS, but felt that it was not likely since she picked nothing up in my legs, back or neck.

**Went home researched ALS, felt like puking.***

2 months ago met for follow up with hand specialist. He said "at this point we cannot rule out motor neuron disease" and referred me to a highly recommended neurologist who specialized in ALS.

1 month ago met with ALS specialist/neurologist. He did my 3rd EMG and said "the bad news is that something is going on with your arms" and ordered some more blood work & a spinal tap which I am doing this upcoming week.

Here's where I am going with this however, I have an old shoulder injury, my right shoulder, that never healed right. When all this started I was working out heavy at the gym and my should would constantly click and pop, really not natural, like something was wrong. I have mentioned this regularly throughout my visits and the physicians always just kind of shrug it off. I now can see that I have atrophy going all the way up my arm. I also regularly see shoulder injuries listed as possibilities when I input my symptoms.

So the question is, does anybody out there know of cases of shoulder injuries that cause ALS symptoms? Thanks for any input

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