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Going kinda crazy.... A little history. I have had muscle twitches in my legs and arms off and on for years, as least 23 or so years. Beginning about six or eight months ago is noticed my right arm getting a numb feeling from elbow to the hand along the outer edge and down my ring and little finger. This mainly occurred when using the mouse at work. Now the fingers, although not totally numb to touch are desensitized to touch and feel puffy. In the past month or so I have noticed a perceived weakness in my hand and a tightness in my wrist that come and goes. While my right forearm is as strong as my left, it seems to tire a bit more easily when working with hand grip devices. I sleep on my right shoulder and have noticed my right arm and shoulder tend to go to sleep when I sleep on them. My right shoulder seems to be "looser" than my left. I have tried some of the ALS tests for the arms and seem to pass them. The only one that presented any issue was raising a 20 dumbell with each arm and my right arm seemed a little weaker. But that may have been from fatigue as I am continually exercising and poking around on it. I have noticed some numbness in the middle toes of my left foot but still work out on the treadmill as before the symptoms started. Also my right hand gets red from the base knuckle to just below the middle with the middle remaining white. ANY THOUGHTS..... My doc thinks its a neuropathy and prescribed predisone and I have notce a decrease in the puffy feeling and some lessening of the numbness but little else.

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