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Re: Tongue Twitches
Jun 22, 2013
[QUOTE=JanieH53;5178194]I was having trouble with strangling on liquids and some solid foods, went to the doctor, has a barron swallow test, told me that I may have had a stroke, MRI was clear, blood tests are all good, did a nerve test with the little needles from my shoulders to my feet, all is clear, now they are sending me to another doctor to do the needle in my tongue, I can't feel it but it twitches all the time, note from the doctor said possible bulbar ALS, I am strong and healthy except I have to be careful when eating and drinking.[/QUOTE]

I hope it all works out for you. I have recently developed tongue twitches myself and have trouble swallowing. I have been seeing a neurologist for three months and after a clean MRI he won't run anymore tests. My right hand trembles all the time now and most days my arms and legs feel like jello. The onset of most of these symptoms (the tongue twitch, the hand tremors, and extreme muscle weakness) are all new symptoms for me. Before now I have only had two episodes that at first they thought were strokes. Speech problems and right side paralysis. Clean MRI both times. Then I started to suspect MS but with the new symptoms and how horrible I feel most days I'm starting to worry it might be ALS. I have another appointment with a neurologist July 23 for a second opinion since my primary wont run anymore tests. I'm almost terrified of what the outcome might be. I was healthy as of march when I had my first episode now I have trouble doing routine everyday things.

I have been checking out the ALS board and just reading stories. I hope for the both of us that this isn't what we have. I just had a daughter who is six months old now and my biggest fear is not seeing her grow up. Best wishes to everyone traveling a difficult journey right now. May we all stay strong in spirit and make it through these tough times.

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