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(Old symptoms) I have been feeling 'off' since 2005/2006. Most my symptoms had to do with numbness on the left side of my body, heat/exercise exertion, mental fogginess, fatigue and intermittent dysphagia. Even though I had to minimize my workouts, I lived a relatively normal life so long as I didn't exert myself. Dr's suspected MS but MRI"S always normal. Gained about 60 lbs since then.

In 2011 I contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and had a questionable positive Lyme test. Was put on antibiotics and the (new) symptoms associated with the RMSF infection disappeared. The old symptoms were always there.

This past February after fighting some type of a virus, I got really sick. It seemed as if all of the symptoms I have experienced came crashing down on me all at once. Fatigue, weakness, breathing difficulties, difficulties with limbs, a tightness I have never experienced before around my calf, shoulders and chest area, constant twitching, difficulties swallowing, etc...

ALS is constantly in the back of my mind because my grandmother died of ALS and I saw how she degenerated in front of our very own eyes. Since February one of my calves has degenerated a bit, my shoulders feel heavy, my legs/feet get tired when I walk or carry things, I can no longer wear heels, my hands feel as if I had carpel tunnel syndrome. I twitch occasionally. My tongue is twitching as well. My swallowing issues are intermittent. (sometimes i choke, sometimes i don't) My neurological exams are normal so far except I have lost my gag reflex and an MRI found a miniscule growth in the 'thecal sac'. My EMG was 'normal'.

I am just a mess and need support/information as I try to sort through this. I've seen so many doctors.... still feel like I've not made any progress.

I am interested in hearing from others and whether or not they have any suggestions for me.

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