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Hello every body i want to start off by saying im 24yr ols female .....My symtomes started off when i was at work under alot of stress worried i had Colin cancer.....It all started with a lump in my throat that went to my chest the next day..Went away in three days after that i was getting pins and needles feeling all over my body along with body wide twitching....i can feel it all through out the day but more when im laying down...i had a colonoscopy done came back normal.......The next day i went for a upper endoscopy they found a moderate hiatus hernia..(Grade B) with acid reflex they call it (GERD) ive been having diareah since i was 19 yrs old...all the twitching pins and needles landed me in the ER 5times in 2 months they did an MRI and said i have a herniated disc in my neck 2-3 neurologist said it should not be causing any pain anf didnt want to do any further testing...Which leg me to find a new neurologist....The twitching has ruined my life im scared i have ALS...Two weeks ago i seen the neurologist he did an EMG on my arm which was the arm that was rarely bbothering me came back i set up another appointment with him to test my left leg and left arm im so scared.....can anybody give me their opinions on what they think or have experienced i have no weaknesses just stiffness twitching and a little bit of tripping over my own feet also popping joints more then usually im very concerned all this has been going on for 2moths now please somebody reply i need reinsurance!!!!! Thanks all and have a.BLESSED DAY
Your symptoms sound nothing like ALS to me. Although not impossible for a 24yo to get ALS it is almost vanishingly rare. Stress and anxiety will definitely cause the pins and needles feeling as well as the lump in the throat feeling. I know from experience. GERD can also contribute to the lump in the throat feeling. That is very common.

Things like pins and needles, stiffness, and feeling a lump in the throat are not symptoms of ALS. ALS doesn't affect sensory nerves, so "feeling" things isn't really part of the disease process. Now, people with ALS can also be anxious, have neuropathies etc. and have these feelings but it doesn't really have anything to do with their ALS.

The only symptom you have even vaguely correlated with ALS presenting symptoms is twitching. If you look up benign fasciculation syndrome you will find thousands of stories of people who twitch that don't have ALS. Benign twitching due to stress, too much caffeine, spinal issues etc is quite common. Twitching is really diagnostic of nothing.

A clean EMG is a good sign and It's very likely your follow-up EMG will be equally clean. The EMG is a very sensitive tool that will find signs of denervation very early in the ALS disease process, often even in those who are asymptomatic. You should feel very reassured that you don't have ALS.

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