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Re: Very nervous
Nov 13, 2014
There are roughly 30000 people in the US that have ALS at any one time. Of those, approximately 15 are less than 25 years old, so it is almost vanishingly rare at your age.

"Feeling" symptoms like tingling and your jaw feeling tired aren't indicative of ALS at all, since ALS affects motor neurons (responsible for movement) not sensory neurons (responsible for sensory impulses). Hand tingling and spasms are very common with spinal nerve or cord compression caused by bulging discs.

Muscle twitching is experienced by as much as 70% of the population and is generally indicative of nothing, especially if it's not associated specifically with the muscles that are weak or experiencing other symptoms. It is true that a particular type of twitching known as fasciculations is common in ALS. However fever is a common symptom of Ebola as well and just like having a fever surely doesn't mean you have Ebola, having twitching doesn't mean you have ALS. Twitching is most often due to anxiety, too much caffeine, various medications, and unknown causes.

Weakness in your hands is a concerning symptom if it is actually measurable by a Dr. Weakness is a possible symptom of ALS but is also very common with nerve root or spinal compression.

I don't think you need to worry about ALS, but I do think it is worth following up, perhaps with a spine specialist regarding the issues with your neck. How did you find out you had these, did your chiropractor get x-rays? MRI is the test of choice for visualizing these type of issues in the spine. Also, bulging disks aren't a problem normally associated with people of your age either. Were you involved in some type of accident?

Good luck!

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