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Nov 14, 2014
I am a 21 year old man. 4 days ago I started feeling weakness in both of my hands. Soon after that I started feeling numbness, tingling, and and inability to move my fingers. At the same time, my forearms and hands felt like they were having spasms. A day later, I started experiencing small twitches all over my body, mostly in my legs, only when I am at rest. My muscles in my back and thighs also feel as though they are constantly tensing up. Last night I noticed that I am starting to lose dexterity in my right hand, as if it is becoming stiff. I went to a neurologist who did an emg and he said there are no signs of ALS but I have slight carpul tunnel in both wrists and that the twitching is probably related to anxiety. Does this sound like a correct diagnosis?

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