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Thank you so much chuckstr you sound so much like a expert i really appreciate it the time you took to reply but also i just wanted to add im seeing the nuerologist wich i sake a second opinion from a month ago wich he told me i have no chance of mnd im seeing him tuesday cause he wants the first neurologist i seen that performed the emg nov 11th he wants to c the emg readings for himself because in all honesty to me she didint explain anything to me cause i know there are certian names for what muscles or spots are affected but she said nothing like that all she said was minimsl irratation in one spot on arm and leg but there were no fibs detected but i dont like her thats y i sake a second opinion cause this has been goin on since august , and i also wanted to share with you exactly what i felt when all this started and then tuesday when i c my nuerologist ill let you know what he said!! i was getting reall dizzy not like a vertigo but like a spaced out heavy head feeling like i wasint in my body and then i had been googling als and i started to feel more then dizzy my left leg was feeling weak and my calfs on both legs were so sore for days and i hadent been even doin nothing but laying on the couch then my left leg was getting weak and then it would switch the next day to my right leg and then my arms were getting heavy one day right next day left it comes and goes but both legs never stop feeling this way one day its right thats weak then its left so idk i have a had twitching but really minor no cramps no slurred speech no swallowing problems just feeling like food never goes down all the way im just so stressed out all i do is research like my left arm is weak right now my forearm feels tight like the other day on my left shoulder a lil below got really heavy and the next day it was so sore like a deep bruise ,my legs im constantly walking on tippytoes and heels and trying to balance on one leg on tippytoes somedays i can do it and others i cant so idk i just feel so weak when i wake up in the mornings like my hands are shaky and my fingers are weak to open up but then as the day goes on it subsides i have been che king my own reflexes and trying to hqve someone do the balbaski test on my foot my big toe dosent move but the others do i dont know

Symptoms- oneday right leg feels weird and weak next day left leg feels weird and weak- very minor muscle twitches that come and go ,-arms and hands feel weak but same with the legs it switches off-hands tremor- confusion-my leg went numb one time for 20 min - feel very sick in the morning like my whole body is in a tremor and im so weak and just feel like i have the flue - bruising easily - sorness in weak muscles - head feels heavy - eyes get really red- this is when it all started what i felt !!!!

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