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Hello, and welcome to the board.

That sort of "lactic acid" exhaustion "weakness" is not typical of the weakness seen in ALS. In ALS, the nerve just stops talking to the muscle and the muscle no longer works at all. The most common presentation is tripping because of a single foot not lifting properly or a single hand not being able to do buttons for instance. People with ALS report that their muscles don't "feel" weak, they are weak. True wrist drop would mean you were unable to point your fingers to the ceiling from your wrist with your arms extended palms down in front of you. That would indicate clinical weakness of your wrist extensors which would be a concern, but is not what you report. Also presentation on both arms at once would be rare.

The twitching caused by ALS is not random. It's a response to try to recruit surrounding muscle fibers to account for ones that have lost their nerve supply. Once that happens, it generally does not go away until the muscle is completely paralyzed. Twitching in general is quite common in the general population with as many as 70% experiencing it. Causes are anxiety, too much caffeine, various prescription drugs and many times unknown.

Your symptoms do not sound like ALS to me. In addition, it is extremely rare for someone your age to get ALS. In fact, I've read the likelihood is considerably less than getting struck by a meteor. However, you may have something treatable going on. If you have a good GP that would be an excellent place to bring your symptoms and see what they say. A neurologist would be an okay option as well but they won't be able to help with non-neurological problems.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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