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ALS or...?
Jan 10, 2020
... Hi all I was researching Stephen Hawking for recreational purposes last Sunday and I specially searched his ALS. the article did mention few of the early symptoms of it including muscle weakness & muscle twitching (like muscle was jumping ). odd enough, I suddenly perceived that I have similar muscle weakness. Esp in the right hand and arm. therefore I was freaked out &... (6 replies)
Early Symptoms?
Jan 13, 2013
... I'm sorry to be posting in this section but I am concerned it may be early symptoms of ALS. My grandfather died of ALS when he was 58, so it immediately came to my mind. Any thoughts? ... (0 replies)
... I am a 23 year old female and I'll admit, a bit of a hypochondriac. I've had a few symptoms over the past months that disturb me and worry that it's possible they are ALS. ... (3 replies)

ALS Question
Aug 8, 2018
... exercise, etc. I have changed my diet for the most part, doing what my doctors are telling me and no improvement, in fact the symptoms are the same and progressively getting worse, but not rapidly. ... (3 replies)
... my head at rest and can tingle if extended. I have been diagnosed with RLS but don't think this is correct. Can somebody put my mind at ease that I do not have early ALS? ... (1 replies)
... Although im not a dr. it's probably not ALS. However if it continues to bother you then i would schedual an appointment with a Neurologist as he/she can test your nerves and run more tests as needed to find or rule out certain diseases. Sound a little like a Neuropathy but im guessing here.. take care ! (3 replies)
... My suggestion is that you get the best medical diagonsis that you can. On line opinions could only confuse you. My wife has als and it's very hard to deal with for everybody concerned. I hope you don't have it. It sounds different than her early symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, Sorry to hear about your twitching. I had a brother who had ALS for 9 years before he succumbed to the disease. He was a young father when diagnosed at 31. I cared for him until his death in the mid 1990's. ... (4 replies)
... died in their early 30's. My grandfather died of it. Supposedly, many men before them did as well..... ... (5 replies)
... there can be problems swallowing liquids. This can be a presenting symptom of ALS but is less common than slurred speech due to the tongue normally being affected first. ... (10 replies)
... Your symptoms sound nothing like ALS to me. Although not impossible for a 24yo to get ALS it is almost vanishingly rare. Stress and anxiety will definitely cause the pins and needles feeling as well as the lump in the throat feeling. ... (1 replies)
... spine or both. MS effects the central nervous system which includes the spine. People with MS that have certain symptoms can trace there symptoms to lesions in the spine not the brain. MS is a very different disease for everyone that is diagnosed. ... (3 replies)
... She has the bulbar form and her speech slurring was the first symptom. She was diagnosed early due to the family history. We pretty much knew what it was right away. ... (0 replies)
... I'm sorry to here that your family is going through all this. I have had 3 family members die from ALS and now my aunt is showing symptoms of this nasty, heart breaking disease. ... (6 replies)
... HI! all, It has been awhile since I posted here, although I continue to read all the post. I am doing well, My ALS is still progressing slowly in my upper extremities, arms and shoulders. ... (2 replies)
Apr 29, 2015
... ALS does have symptoms which become more varied as the disease progresses. ... (1 replies)
... Based on what I've read, your doctors comments are accurate. My experience with ALS is from my mom. ... (11 replies)
... Nope. Siunds nithing at all like ALS. (1 replies)
... My experience with ALS is from my mom. ... (1 replies)
... Before I begin, I want to let everyone out there who is dealing with ALS that you are in my thoughts and prayers. ... (4 replies)

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