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... Just wondering if anyone is versed in the difference between als and bfs. I have had problems with twitching on different parts of my body for the last 7 months or so. ... (14 replies)
ALS fears.
Dec 14, 2006
... I am a 25 yr. old male who has had symptoms of muscle twitching and perceived weakness since September. On November 9th I had a neurological exam and EMG. Both the exam and EMG were absolutely clean. ... (2 replies)
... I do still think I have muscle atrophy in my right arm because I can see it when I felx my fingers like my thumb and I see my bonebut I do it on my left hand and j can't see it there my right arm feels smaller than my left Also iforgot to mention that I had swollen lymph nodes for 2 years and I have chronic maxillary sinuistis it feels like I'm getting weaker and weaker... (8 replies)

... dn't make the same kind of ankle movements. A week later, the feeling spread to my other arm, then another week later to my other leg. I also started having some twitching and doing constant muscle tests. ... (7 replies)
... Today doctor mentioned ALS. Arm extreme weak. Cannot use some fingers or grip with hand. Arm atrophy. Twitching in hands. ... (1 replies)
... My tongue and legs have been twitching now for 2 weeks!!!What des atrophy look like in the feet? ... (7 replies)
... ou for taking the time to read this thread I know some of you have your own health problems to worry about.I am a 21 year old male and I am just so scared I have als or some ofther mnd I need some advice. ... (3 replies)
... certain I had ALS my neuro did not seem too concerned at all. He said to me that I was standing in front of him with fairly normal reflexes, no muscle atrophy, no weakness etc. ... (2 replies)
... So that's my situation, and like many, the muscle twitching brings fear to the forefront, and I wanted to ask questions to those that may have more knowledge on the topic. ... (6 replies)
Jan 10, 2004
... I have had extreme twitching for several months now........ ... (1 replies)
Apr 29, 2015
... to turn locks or button shirts or tripping due to muscles in the lower leg no longer supporting the foot. Less commonly this could also include weakening of the tongue resulting in slurred speech and even less commonly weakness of the throat muscles resulting in swallowing difficulties. ... (1 replies)
... ALS would not develop all over the place in any short time frame. Also widespread twitching and twitching in muscles that are not clinically weak, points away from ALS. Loss of overall muscle tone does eventually occur in ALS but generally not all at once. ... (3 replies)
... I would do my best to get to HOuston to see Dr. Stanley Appell. If anybody can diagnose ALS he can. The twitching you continually mention, particularly even up your nose, is often anm indicator of ALS. My husband was diagnosed with ALS in 2004. ... (9 replies)
... I'm a 32 year old female and have been having odd symptoms for about 7 months now. Don't know if any of them are related, but I'm so worried about ALS that a diagnosis of MS would actually make me feel relieved. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Im very scared and alone. I would love to get your opinions on this. I make it in chronological order. Late March: - Pain in ankles on waking ( overlooked, I am overweight) - Off and on vertigo - Smell strange odors, others couldn't smell Early April: - Weird sensation in both legs - Tingling, kind of numb like... (9 replies)
... ist said to cancel the cat scan as it would show no stroke has occured. The neurologist did some feflex tests, then checked out my hands which were at that time twitching all over, like I had aliens in me. I had had these for awhile, since early fall at least. ... (4 replies)
... r I had a lump feeling in my throat accompanied by awkward ridging on both sides of my tongue. My dr referred me to an ent who found nothing wrong and chalked my tongue up to markings left by my teeth. The lump felt like I had a ball of phlegm that I couldn't swallow. ... (0 replies)
... Body wide twitching that lasted 2 months. Gone now. ... (0 replies)
... hought she suffered a stroke and then that is how we came to the diagnosis of ALS. I guess each person can progress at various rates. My mother never had major twitching and never complained of feeling a pinching in her throat. ... (5 replies)
... rologists are telling me, not my own theory. And I'm only 30, with my symptoms starting at least seven years ago, but from what I've read sometimes in young men ALS symptoms can progress slowly. This slowly? ... (1 replies)

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