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... Twitching doesn't mean ALS. With ALS you get weakness, then generally twitching. ... (14 replies)
... go, which I think has something to do with my inner ear. I've had several bouts of vertigo on and off for the past three years. The vertigo has lessoned, but the weakness seems to be getting worse. It's not a painful sensation, but more of just tired worn out muscles even though I haven't been doing anything to wear them out. ... (4 replies)
Typical of ALS?
Dec 7, 2004
... If it was ALS would I know by now? ... (2 replies)

... You have what is called Benign Fasciculation Syndrome. I've been twitching like a fool for 2 years now. You DO NOT have ALS. By the time twitching is apparent in ALS, you have already dropped significant body weight and experiencing OBJECTIVE weakness. The rest of what you are experiencing is from stress and anxiety. Thats the real killer. Relax, and do a web search for BFS ok? (2 replies)
Do I have ALS?
Jan 26, 2004
... I visited my doctor last thursday, and am awaiting blood tests for Thyroid function and what he called "blanket test" that wouldn't indicate anything wrong in particular, but is a test of "general health" (e.g. it'd show as irregular if I had cancer, etc). Anyway, he basically shrugged my symptoms off as anxiety. I must admit some of them probably were anxiety related (stomach... (1 replies)
... I am 39 and have the same numbing tingling sensation in the arms. I went to a Neuro and he said he would worry about ALS only if it was associated with weakness in the arms, which I do not have at this time. He diagnosed me with RLS, because it happens when I am at rest and improves with movement. ... (2 replies)
... e carpal tunnel but "definately have something else going on as well". He is going to do an emg but i think only to diagnose carpal tunnel. He also noticed some weakness on my right arm but thought it marginal... ... (3 replies)
Worried I have ALS
Oct 11, 2003
... been two months now. The anxiety medication that was given to me helped to curb my panick but my spasms have barely gone away. I did a search on fasics and found ALS and since reading the post I also noticed some dull muscle pain in my left hamstring and my wrist joint hurts. ... (2 replies)
Pain with ALS?
Aug 2, 2003
... Can someone with experience share with me what the pain is like with ALS? I have had some wierd neurological symptoms over the past 4 months, and am still undiagnosed at this point. Millions of fasciculations - all over my body including inside my ears and sinuses. Now I'm left with alot of aching muscles and deep nerve pain (from the overstimulation I'm guessing). The... (2 replies)
... He wasnt looking for ALS though. ... (9 replies)
... Everything I read in regards to ALS seems subjective and ambiguous. ... (2 replies)
... about 2 months ago i started getting weakness in my legs. this is now in arms and hands and feet and neck. its all over weakness that feels exactly the same everywhere. but has got progressively worse. i am also so so tired and have no energy to go out and things. ... (1 replies)
ALS or...?
Jan 10, 2020
... But how I can distinguish them? Plus, I have no problem writing and typing.... which didnít fits ALS (6 replies)
ALS Question
Aug 8, 2018
... I am a 57 year old female currently suffering from extreme fatigue, weakness in my legs, ankles, hands. ... (3 replies)
... and sometimes my abdomen twitches too or I get crampa or my legs jerks or my whole body (8 replies)
... OK so I was diagnosed with a DVA last January and I have a small mass in my thymus during that year I've had like clavicle pain I never thought too much of nit until the last few months where my legs ,arms, fingers began to twitch like it feels like small pulses and they are random like I could have one twich on my calf and a few seconds on my other leg, I've noticed a few... (8 replies)
... nal but just like any other mental illness, I do not choose to feel or think this way. I wish I could just turn it off but I can't. Now, I am convinced that the weakness in my foot is attributed to ALS and I cannot stop the worry until I hear from a neurologist that it is not. ... (22 replies)
... No!!! He didn't. I was hoping he would but no luck. As I said, once I told him that I was having weakness and my mind took me to ALS he kind of shut me off after that. ... (22 replies)
... e for the past week and a half been experiencing twitches in my limbs well they can be anywhere to be precise my Right leg and arm dont feel like they used to no weakness or anything but my right arm does seem to get tired faster and its my dominant arm. ... (1 replies)
22 year old ALS?
Jun 13, 2016
... e I thought did not do a thorough enough test. Keep in mind that these doctors are very, very smart. Neuroogists were the smartest kids in school. They can spot ALS the moment you walk in the door. That is a slight exaggeration, but one actually told me that. ... (9 replies)

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