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... About 3 years ago I had a serious ALS scare. Mine was due to extensive twitching. ... (9 replies)
... only a physician can say for certain if you have ALS or not, your symptoms and the progression does not follow any case that I have ever seen. ... (9 replies)
... s, arms, hands, etc for almost a year now. I've been to Mayo Clinic and they did an EMG which they say showed I have a mild myopathy. I'm very concerned I have ALS but they say I don't. ... (9 replies)

... My Dr laughed out loud when I told him my fear that it was ALS and told me to put it right to the back of my mind. ... (11 replies)
... If you may have ALS, you may want to consider Lyme disease as a possibility. Lyme disease is a multi-system bacterial infection caused from the bite of an infected tick. Lyme disease is the second fastest growing infectious disease in the US after AIDS, and it is the number one vector borne disease. It is in every state, yet little is being done to educate the public and... (13 replies)
Lyme and als
Oct 1, 2005
... Hi airey. I have Lyme disease and have never heard this. Lyme disease is known as the great imitator because its symptoms mimic those of many other diseases including ALS. Many people who have Lyme were first diagnosed with other illnesses such as ALS, MS, CFS, and Fibromyalgia. Do you have Lyme or ALS? My suggestion to anyone diagnosed with the above mentioned diseases... (1 replies)
... i agree with the other two replies. it doesnt sound like als. I've read that fibromyalgia can cause these symptoms too. along with stress and many other things. They rule out everything before they call it als. ... (9 replies)
... I am curious as to genetic links and links between similar diseases. My paternal grandfather died of ALS at 42 years old. ... (21 replies)
... or if this is psychosomatic and not even real, or fibromyalgia and therefore also not really real. I had a full body bone scan done September 26 that said "No significant acute activity identified. ... (12 replies)
... a presenting symptom nor are other sensory things like pinches. Widespread twitching without any signs of clinical weakness or atrophy strongly points away from ALS as well. ... (2 replies)
... suspected MS, suspected fibromyalgia etc. ... (14 replies)
... I do not think she is grasping at straws at all. Lyme disease is often misdiagosed as many other diseases. My advice to anyone diagnosed with ALS, MS, CFS, or Fibromyalgia is to see a Lyme specialist for an evaluation. It is definitely worth looking into. ... (7 replies)
Could this be ALS?
Nov 25, 2005
... I have had similar experiences and cab certainly empathize. I think Docs are overly cautious when they know VERY WELL that they have a patient who meets the criteria for Myofascial Pain Syndrome and/or Fibromyalgia. That certainly SOUNDS appropriate to your symptoms. People have bands of muscle with knots in them called "trigger points" that cause aching all over. Most of... (18 replies)
... Nothing at all like ALS. More likely to win the lottery and get struck by lightning in the same day at your age. If you have had a comprehensive blood panel done then ask your GP for a referral to a neurologist. Quite honestly it would be a waste of time though. Look at fibromyalgia, BFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Those are some of the hundreds of non life threatening... (8 replies)
... Definitely sounds nothing like ALS but your RA doctor may mention fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. ... (12 replies)
... There are other conditions that mimic ALS, fibromyalgia and lyme's disease are but two of these conditions. ... (5 replies)
... Doesn't sound like ALS to me either *my grandma died from this*....lyme would be a possibility from an interview I saw on discovery? What about like fibromyalgia? Don't know? (10 replies)
... Hi datgrlstef. I agree that it is interesting. Many people who have Lyme were first diagnosed with other diseases including CFS, Fibromyalgia, MS, and ALS. (13 replies)
ALS or MS?
Mar 1, 2007
... Hi Clare. I think all possibilities should be considered, including Lyme disease. Lyme is known as the great imitator because the symptoms can mimic those of other diseases like MS, ALS, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia. Lyme disease is the second fastest growing infectious disease in the US and the number one vector-borne disease in the country. Even the CDC, who is... (6 replies)
Could this be ALS?
Nov 21, 2005
... My grandmother had ALS.. I don't think it sounds like it. It could be Chronic Fatigue.. which is hard to diagnose from what I hear. Or have you thought about maybe Fibromyalgia? Why don't you hop on over to those threads and read about some of the symptoms? (18 replies)

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