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... male and no history of NMD, is a good start. I am very familar with how you are feeling. You can go back and check out my past thread if yiu get bored. ... (3 replies)
... My physician ran a complete blood panel March 2012 when symptoms were just of severe foot cramping,leg fasculations, and swallowing difficulties. I was negative for Lyme's and some others checked for. ... (5 replies)
... and consequent findings for those of you in a similar situation to me... ... (2 replies)

... thanks a lot for this. i wish i had had the courage to read this post when i was having some major issues with twitching a week or two ago. i had practically convinced myself i had ALS. the anxiety probably just made my twitching worse. it is gradually subsiding and has become easier to manage. (10 replies)
... got to tell you is that my neurologist told me that with ALS, fasciculations are the last thing that usually happens with the disease...that the muscles get weak first and the fasiculations happen FROM the muscles deteriorating after a while. ... (10 replies)
... simular symptoms. You should keep a daily journal of symptoms becasue likley these symptoms are changing by very small amounts that you may not remember and this could help indicate a trend and help with a dx. ... (18 replies)
... Hello. I am 25 year old female. Paternal grandfather dx ALS at age 74. Died two years later. ... (3 replies)
... you would have lost most function of either one by now. The EMG is the test that greatly points to ALS. ... (9 replies)
... The symptoms of "feeling weak" and "feeling ill' don't have anything to do with ALS. ... (5 replies)
ALS Question
Feb 27, 2019
... My mother had ALS. It started in her hand. Her left hand fingers folded in like a first. She could not open her gas tank on her car or undo her bra, etc.... ALS generally starts in one area of the body, then becomes apparent in another part. Meaning it can start in upper limbs or lower limbs, or problems with speech. ... (3 replies)
Als? please help
Mar 1, 2004
... the internet in general, my symptoms point here definately, all of my symptoms are characteristic of this terrible disease, However some of the very beginning signs are not, please hear me out because I am not sure about a couple of things. ... (5 replies)
... You know, it can be anything. Some of your symptoms sound like ALS and many, many other diseases. ALS is the master of mimics. It has the same symptoms of a lot of disorders. Have you seen a doctor about this? ... (2 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear of your new diagnoses. Having an MRI that shows spinal cord degeneration is common among ALS patients. Every ALS person has different symptoms. ... (8 replies)
... Hi jillian um u ask of any news i dont know what your refering to ? ... (10 replies)
... Try to relax, First of all ALS symptoms are progressive and if you had the start of symptoms a year ago, you would be much worse now. ... (3 replies)
... About 3 years ago I had a serious ALS scare. Mine was due to extensive twitching. ... (9 replies)
Please help
Nov 27, 2008
... pain was not from being in bed bc I did get him up about 10 to 15 times a day. There was days that I got him up 20 times. The doctor did stress the importance of getting him up when he wanted to get up out of bed. I'm very sorry to hear about your mom. I think ALS is different in each person that gets the disease. ... (26 replies)
... this all started about a year ago. i lost three jobs and got diagnosed with generalized anxiety. but those symptoms went away and now all of this started. i have been having muscle fasciculations for about 6 months. ... (3 replies)
... I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with ALS and a few things concern me. Around the time of her first noticing symptoms she had quite a few life changes....purchasing a new house and getting married to someone that we don't know much about. ... (0 replies)
... (20 replies)

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