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Heavy Arms
Jun 18, 2009
... Doesn't sound like ALS. The weakness with ALS stays and gets worse, it doesn't come and go. ... (1 replies)
Als? please help
Mar 1, 2004
... my arms, I want to just keep my arms at my sides because the don't have that tired feeling when I do nothing. 2 weeks ago another symptom started, the symptom that brought me here... ... (5 replies)
... tually the dizziness went away and then I read about ALS, and now I'm terrified that I have it. About a couple weeks after the twitching first started, my upper arms started to feel tense most of the time, some days worse than others. ... (0 replies)

Do I Have ALS?
Sep 2, 2012
... I began noticing that my legs were heavy and stiff. It was a strange sensation that I began testing out by running in place. As I did so, I felt as if there were heavy weights on my legs. ... (3 replies)
... yr old female. In October of 07 I woke up one day feeling awful. I went from having lots of energy etc, to all of a sudden one day being completely exhausted, heavy feeling arms and legs, sleepy a lot, and very dizzy. ... (0 replies)
... Here's where I am going with this however, I have an old shoulder injury, my right shoulder, that never healed right. When all this started I was working out heavy at the gym and my should would constantly click and pop, really not natural, like something was wrong. ... (4 replies)
... About a month ago I started having muscle twitching in my thighs,calves,both legs, and arms. Now my left leg at times feels heavy and weak. ... (1 replies)
... My neck and throat area feel heavy and sometimes my face aches like someone is strangling me. ... (11 replies)
... During the past two months I have been experiencing what feels like als symptoms, such as foot and leg cramps, easily fatigued leg muscles. ... (2 replies)
... ut ALS. I'm a 28 year old female. Over the past few months I've become really weak in my arms, especially left. My hands tremor when I hold things. I can lift my arms over my head but feels like an effort. Almost like I've been varying something heavy and my arms are like jelly after. It's that sort of feeling. ... (2 replies)
... emotional rollercoaster for the last three weeks. My initial concern started more than a month ago when I noticed that I was waking up with my arms in an awkward sleeping position. I would wake up and adjust them, only to wake up a few hours later in the same position. ... (1 replies)
... Some of my muscles in my arms don't tense up or move like they used to, it's kind of hard to explain. I also frequently experience times where my arms feel EXTREMELY light every once in a while. ... (7 replies)
Do I have ALS?
Jan 26, 2004
... I visited my doctor last thursday, and am awaiting blood tests for Thyroid function and what he called "blanket test" that wouldn't indicate anything wrong in particular, but is a test of "general health" (e.g. it'd show as irregular if I had cancer, etc). Anyway, he basically shrugged my symptoms off as anxiety. I must admit some of them probably were anxiety related (stomach... (1 replies)
Heavy Limbs
May 6, 2006
... I'm experiencing episodes of heavy limbs and shortness of breath. Episodes of each are usually exclusionary of the other...i.e. ... (3 replies)
... Hello one night suddenly my arms and legs both went numb and were shaking and has involuntary shoulder and arm movements. This numbness lasted for a weak now has subsided. ... (3 replies)
... Dear Tammie, I am so sorry for all this you, your dad and family are going through. My mom had ALS and lasted about 7 years from time of diagnosis to the end. It is so very hard for all involved. ... (21 replies)
... now its september, my legs are very weak. i've been in a wheelchair for a month now. my arms and hands are weak also. in june a feeding tube was placed. i can't dress myself, or do my hair. ... (3 replies)
Als symtoms
Mar 12, 2007
... howed slowed conduction of motor nerves.i now have weakness from time to time in my legs and my last visit to the neru he said thet i have decreased reflex in my arms so i was wondering since he said that he doesnt know what it is and that als didnt fit my age which is 34 m if anyone out there might have an ideal. ... (3 replies)
... muscle pain and muscle weakness. Shaky feeling in my arms and legs. Muscle twitching. Sore throat. Each and every day that went by I became more weak or had more muscle pain until I had to give up my daily walks. ... (4 replies)
Als questions
Dec 5, 2005
... blems. If feels like my muscles all over my body vibrate. Not for long periods just a quick vibration of the muscle. Mostly in my legs and arms. My legs feel heavy most of the time. Noticed a difference when I do the treadmill. Very fatigued. What are the symptoms of ALS? ... (0 replies)

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